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Japanese Fashion Week (東京コレクション) is a weeklong fashion industry event where fashion designers showcase their latest styles and outfits that they hope will set the trend for the rest of the year.

Residents often refer to it as the “Tokyo Collection Week” since the event is largely held in Tokyo. It is a biannual event, occurring every March and September.



As early as 1985, Japan has held its own fashion week where designers from across the country came and showcased their latest creations. However, Japan Fashion Week was restructured by the Council of Fashion Designers (CFD) in 2005 as a way to garner more national attention, as they used to have difficulty attracting some of the best names in fashion design.

The result was a tremendous success, as Japan Fashion Week (JFS) is now one of the most well known and influential fashion showcases.

Thus far, there have been six JFS presentations since the restructuring, with a seventh fashion week planned for September of 2008:

September 2008 Brands and Presentations

Designers can showcase their work in two different arenas. They can showcase their entire collections on the runway, or they can showcase their work at an exhibition.

Brands at Exhibitions

Showcased Collections

Monday (September 1st)

Tuesday (September 2nd)

Wednesday (September 3rd)

Thursday (September 4th)

Friday (September 5th)

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