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Chinami Kamishima is a Japanese fashion designer and the founder of the line of her own name. Her work, best known for its large designs and use of excessive fabric and creative headwear and accessories has been showing in fashion weeks since 1998 when it first debuted.



Chinami Kamishima was born in Tokyo and graduated from Esmod Japan in 1989 and immediately joined Renown as a designer, working there for the next five years. In 1994, she left Renown and started traveling both Europe and Asia. In 1998, she joined T-Three Co. Ltd in Sapporo, considered the secondary fashion capitol of Japan, and went on to launch her own label, Kamishima Chinami in the same year. The brand developed over the next four years and then in 2002, showed in the Tokyo Collection for the S/S collection. In 2004, Chinami opened her first store in Aoyama.


Kamishima’s designs have been a big player in the international fashion scene since she first debuted in 1998, though her designs have not quite spread to the sort of saturation that her contemporaries enjoy. However, her work consists of a number of different careful compositions including large fabric designs with single cuts and massive boughs and layers of fabrics, ruffles, and obscure cuts that overlay each other. Her use of creative and new forms of headwear and accessories has added a unique touch to most of her shows as well.

Store Location

Chinami Kamishima has a boutique located in the Harajuku shopping district of Tokyo and her clothes can be found in a number of different department stores and boutiques throughout the city.

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