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Aguri Sagimori is a newly graduated Japanese fashion designer. Her work, represented in her self-named label is a combination of high concept designs and edgy cuts that allows her to take on the modern development of fashion with classic styles.



Aguri Sagimori was born in Osaka in 1985 and graduated from the Vantan Design Institute in 2007. She immediately wont the New Designer Fashion Grand Prix Prize for Excellence and the Nagoya Fashion Contest 2007 Grand Prix. Her self-named label debut was made with AGURI SAGIMORI under Atelier X-Seed in 2008, a subdivision of Vantan Design Institute. Since then she has presented twice and is planning for her third showing in Spring of 2009.

Clothing Design

The first collection produced by Aguri Sagimori combines an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” with classic design elements to produce a mixture of high concept clothing in her show. The collection, mostly black and red, combines laser cutouts following bird motifs with detailed graphical patterns of flowers and careful lattice work. Items in her line include body suits, denim gowns, lingerie, and tailored suits. The overall effect is one that is both conceptual and very much effective as a wearable fashion product. The ready to wear collection released in conjunction carries over the same themes, but to a much lesser, more practical extent.

Where to Buy

The clothing produced by Aguri Sagimori can currently be purchased through a number of different high fashion department stores in Tokyo, Japan.

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