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Tamae Hirokawa is the lead designer of Japanese fashion label SOMARTA. Formally trained by Issey Misake and using more conceptual approaches to fashion than most Japanese fashion designers, Hirokawa has been hailed as a voice in Japan’s new fashion industry.



Born in Tokyo Japan, Tamae Hirokawa attended the Bunka Fashion College and studied in the Apparel Design Technique program where she graduated in 1998. She joined Issey Miyake Co., Ltd shortly after graduating and quickly rose to a high status in the company, taking control of the Issey Miyake Men and Issey Miyake lines within five years.

In March of 2006, Hirokawa created SOMA DESIGN, her own design firm and started working on multiple different design projects including everything from fashion to sound and art direction and graphic design. The SOMARTA fashion label was launched in the same timeframe and in the time since 2006 has quickly become a fast growing name in the industry.


Hirokawa is well known as a designer for shucking the functionality and conservatism that most Japanese designers maintain in favor of using a more conceptual approach to her designs. Her clothing is also made with Japanese textile technology in the same fashion that Issey Miyake has always crafted clothing.

Recent releases by Hirokawa through her Somarta label have included a wide array of bodysuits, for which she has become well known, creative material combinations, and make up in the Maori tradition. She is also well known for the level of detail put into each design and the cross pollination of different fabric techniques. Everything from metal plates to embroidery and pleats can be found in a single design by Hirokawa making each new collection akin to a gallery unveiling more than a clothing release.

Main Shop Location

  • Akasaka, Tokyo
  • 9-7-4D Akasaka, Minato-Ku,
  • Tokyo 107-6201
  • (81) 03-5413-3708

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