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Aya Furuhashi is the designer and founder of Japanese clothing label, Fur Fur. Her clothing, which has become well known for its artistic elements of action painting and hand-made style first appeared in 2005 and has since become a growing source of interest for international imitators.



Starting as an assistant director to lead designer Kouichi Chida, Furuhashi started her initial brand in the Autumn of 2005 with the now well known techniques of action painting and hand-made techniques. The original name of the brand was just Fur and was later changed to fur fur for the 2008-09 Autumn/Winter Collection.


Fur Fur often changes its approach to each new season, but many things remain in common between each collection, mainly the use of a very specifically feminine approach, loading on a large amount of florals and lace in multiple layers, building a series of complicated, detailed patterns that interpret additional components such as flowers and patterned prints in various forms on all parts of the model. Ready to wear collections carry the same theme, though to a lesser extent, combining the same nature meets function format.

Shop Location

The main shop location for fur fur is currently in Harajuku at the following address. Additionally, products from the furfur line can be found in a number of boutiques located in the top department stores in Tokyo.

  • 2F, Laforet Harajuku
  • 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-Ku
  • Tokyo 150-0001
  • (81) – 03-3479-2005

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