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Junya Tashiro is a Japanese fashion designer and a label of the same name. Junya’s work is a mish mash of various different mediums and styles, drawing liberally from contemporary indie culture in animations, movies, and illustrations that make for a more complex, interesting collection of clothing.



Born in Saga in 1974, Junya Tashiro attended the Mode Styling College at the Human Academy located in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduating, he worked for an apparel company in the industry for some time before starting work on his own. In 2004, he launched Junya Tashiro and has participated in Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo since the Spring Summer collection of 2007. He still works based out of Fukuoka.

Clothing Style

Tashiro’s work is largely comprised of a series of simple and diverse patterns, calling to mind the stenciled simplicity of a snowflake or butterflies – the latter of which appears in many of his patterns. Using simplicity and lace as his guide, he creates clothing from light colors to promote an ethereal, almost lighter than air look that permeates almost every collection he has presented since 2006. Dedicated to multiple forms of art, Tashiro has worked extensively in numerous different mediums since he started working in fashion and often uses those alternate mediums to inform his clothing.

Where to Buy

Tashiro’s collections can be purchased from his main store in Fukuoka or from multiple boutiques and department stores that carry and sell his work in Tokyo.

  • Himitsukiti
  • 2D Lassic 2-1-21 Kiyokawa
  • Chuo,Ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka 810-0005
  • (9) 2534-6377

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