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Mikio Sakabe is a Japanese fashion designer and founder of his own brand of the same name. His work has been highly rewarded since he first arrived on the fashion scene in 2006.



Mikio Sakabe attended the ESMOD school in Paris until 2002 and then attended the Hogeschool Antwerpen’s Fashion School in Antwerp, Belgium, graduating in 2006. He immediately began designing his own clothing, showing at the A.F. Vandervost show in Europe. He has since then presented in the Paris Collection and Tokyo Collection and has presented an exposition at Walter Shop. He has won the Prize Vlaamse Gemeeschap award and the Special Jury Prize at the Italy Trieste Its 5 show.

Clothing Style

Sakabe’s women’s clothing line is best defined as a hybrid of different archetypes for women, combining the aspects of child-like doll clothing with different aspects of the modern business woman, traditional Japanese women’s clothing and a modern, streetwear inspired flair. Examples of his hybrids include the use of a denim miniskirt with a business suit jacket and a tie or the sleek, single color clothing of a modern doll with punk rock styled cuts. Other concepts such as rubberized boots and excess details on pockets and seems draw attention to otherwise simple, withdrawn clothing.

Where to Buy

Mikio Sakabe’s clothing can be purchased from the Concerto Paris shop in Roppongi Hills as well as at the Issey Miyake shop in Osaka, as well as at the Nara Store, Isetan, and IT. Internationally, his products are offered at Banner in Milan and the Walter Store in Antwerp, Belgium.

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