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Japanese fashion is fashion and clothing from Japan. Japanese fashion is a wide category which includes the fashion styles of all of the people of Japan, but outside of Japan there are certain styles which many people think of when they see the term "Japanese Fashion".

For young people in Japan, there are several different extreme fashion trends which have become well known to people living outside of the country. Those fashion styles include lolita, ganguro, gyaru fashion, visual kei, and cosplay. Much of the extreme youth fashion scene in Japan is centered around the Shibuya and Harajuku areas of Tokyo, with some influential shops also located in Shinjuku, Daikanyama, and other hip areas.

Japanese streetwear has also become popular and influential around the world, with many labels based in the Harajuku and Shibuya areas of Tokyo.

Besides youth fashion, there are many other styles of dress that are unique to Japan, including the famous Japanese school uniforms, office lady (OL) fashion, salary man style, traditional outfits like the kimono and yukata, and others.


Japanese Clothing Brands

Japan has many famous clothing brands from streetwear (BAPE, Mastermind, BBC) to jeans (Edwin, Evisu), to lolita (Baby, The Stars Shine Bright), to rocker styles (Hysteric Glamour) to large fashion retailers (Beams, Uniqlo), to exclusive high end fashion brands (Issey Miyake) and everything in between.

Japanese Designers

Japanese fashion designers have been increasing influential in the world of fashion in recent years. Even French fashion house Louis Vuitton is now using designs from Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami in their high end bags and other goods.

Popular Brands in Japan

It has long been said that Louis Vuitton is the most popular high end brand with Japanese women. Statics show that a high percentage of women in Japan own at least one item from the French fashion house, but Vuitton is not the only popular international brand in Japan. The major shopping areas of Tokyo and other major Japanese cities are lined with brand shops from around the world and the Japanese market is considered crucial to the success of many Western brands.

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