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Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) is a brand of Japanese clothing.

The Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) brand is characterized by a variety of shirts, sweaters, jackets, jeans, and shorts. Inspired by the style on the Hip-Hop scene the clothes are best described as being baggy or lose fitting. BBC is also known for representing Japanese street styles by including bright and vivacious colors with bold and intriguing patterns. In the United States you also find BBC clothing being represented by skateboarders looking to stand on the edge of trend setting fashion.


The Billionaire Boys Club was created by Pharrell Williams in collaboration with Nigo, the founder of the A Bathing Ape brand. In 2004 BBC signed a contract deal with Reebok to release the clothing line along side the Ice Cream Sneaker Line, also created by Pharrell Williams. Although the sneaker line was released the BBC clothing was postponed. In January 2005 Pharrell Williams filed a breech of contract law suit against Reebok, then later dropped the suit on grounds of a mutual split between the two companies. Williams claims that Reebok failed to meet requirements for production of both his clothing and shoe line.

The legal issues surrounding the launch of BBC slowed the popularity and production of the brand. Currently there is one flagship store in Japan and only a handful of stores located throughout the rest of the world. Today stores located in Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy and the United States are slowly beginning to see growth in sales but continue to complain that production is far too slow.

Celebrity Interest

On November 21, 2006 Pharrell Williams introduced his Ice Cream Skate Team and briefly mentioned his BBC clothes line on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Williams declares his love for skateboarding and insists his line has been created with the hopes of giving back to the world. BBC has influenced the style of many amateur skaters such as Williams' younger brother, Kato Williams, Terrell Robinson, Kevin Booker, Jacob Walder and Jimmy Gorecki.

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