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Edwin Jeans (often just called Edwin) is a brand of Japanese clothing specializing in denim.

Edwin Jeans is one of the most popular Japanese jeans company in Japan. One reason for the popularity is the length of establishment while also featuring Brad Pitt and Anna Tsuchiya as the faces for their label.

The most popular piece to the Edwin Jean label is currently the Edwin Jeans SS collection featuring Natural Indigo Fabric initially developed in Japan. Their Indigo is hand dyed; woven on old style narrow looms, and features the Edwin Rainbow Selvage. This famous feature has been included on Edwin Jeans since 1963.

The female line covers 6 different bottom styles along with classic tops. The Male line of jeans offers 4 styles and expanding the finish offer to 12 finishes by style. Believing in the virtue of detail, Edwin Jeans are known for being perfectly designed, crafted, and presented.



This Japanese clothing brand was founded in 1961 by Edwin Company. At this time Edwin Jeans began its venture by importing first class denim leading to the creation of the first pair of designer labeled blue jeans. It wasn’t until management picked up with the development of headquarters in Japan around 1973 that Edwin Jeans became known, worn, and popular in both Japan and Europe. In early 1994 Edwin became a great designer label when releasing the Vintage 505 collection. With great success on the market, this collection became the new and ongoing inspiration of the Edwin Brand.

The "Edwin" brand name was supposedly created by rearranging the letters in "denim", including turning the "w" upside down.

Edwin Jeans Shops

Edwin Jeans are available at various shops and boutiques throughout Japan and around the world.

Harajuku Flagship Shop

In Tokyo, Edwin has a flagship shop in Harajuku near the intersection of Meiji Dori and Omotesando Dori. The shop is on Meiji Dori on the same side of the road as LaForet and Condomania, in the direction of Shibuya from the Omotesando Dori intersection. The closest station is Meiji Jingue Mae, with Harajuku Station also only about 10 minutes walk away.

  • Address (English): 6-30-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Address (Japanese): 東京都渋谷区神宮前6丁目30-6
  • Phone: 03-5466-9361

Edwin Harajuku Shop Map

  • Note: There are also Levis, Hysteric Glamour, and Miss Sixty/Energie denim shops along that same stretch of Meiji Dori between Omotesando Dori and Shibuya.

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