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Okayama Prefecture (岡山県) is a Japanese prefecture within the Chugoku region on Honshu. The capital of Okayama Prefecture is Okayama City.



When the Han System was abolished in 1871 by the Meiji Restoration, Mimasaka Province, Bizen Province, and Bitchu Province were combined to form the current Okayama Prefecture.


The prefecture of Okayama is bordered by Tottori Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Hiroshima Prefecture. It also faces towards Kagawa Prefecture across the Seto Inland Sea and consists of more than 90 additional small islands off the coast.

The town of Kurashiki is a well known part of Okayama as a classic town and home to much of the prefecture’s population. Most of the municipalities in the prefecture have officially been designated as depopulated.


The Cities of Okayama Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

The various districts and towns located throughout Okayama Prefecture include:


Local attractions making up a large percentage of Okayama Prefecture’s volume of annual tourists include the Koraku-en Japanese Garden in Okayama City, Okayama Castle, the Shizutani School in Bizen City, the Bikan Historical Area in Kurashiki City, Tivoli Park in Kurashiki City, and Bisei Astronomical Observatory in Ibara Town.

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