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Okayama is a city in Japan found on the Okayama Prefecture. The thriving economy contributes to the city; officially giving it the title of the capital for the Okayama Prefecture. Reports released in 2006 show that the estimated population for Okayama is currently 676,283 people.

Okayama has many industries however the technology and commercial business has taken over. Many large companies are based in Okayama although some have moved to Tokyo, the hub for technology businesses.

History of Okayama

The exact history of Okayama has not yet been published in English making it very difficult to document events however there are a few things made clear.

In 1889, Okayama was unofficially founded and began development. It wasn’t until 1996 that Okayama established an official government making it a core city.

Points of Interest

  • Okayama Castle The Okayama Castle was originally built in the earliest years of the city however destroyed in WWII. The castle was then reconstructed and painted black symbolizing the loss of not only the real castle but much of the city as well. The one tip that visitors of the castle have had is to brush-up on your Japanese as there is very little information found in English.
  • Korakuen Gardens The Korakuen Garden is classified as one of the “Three Great Gardens” considered very important in Japan. The original garden can be traced back to the year 1700, a time that gardens were thought to be almost magical. Visitors can expect to see a little bit of everything with miniature waterfalls, streams, flower gardens (both exotic and common), Japanese tea houses, and finely placed shops.

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