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Kagawa Prefecture (香川県) is a Japanese prefecture on Shikoku Island. The capital of Kagawa Prefecture is Takamatsu.



Kagawa Prefecture, before the Han System was abolished, was known as Sanuki Province. Following the Meiji Restoration’s changes, the province was made part of Ehime Prefecture before Kagawa Prefecture was officially formed in December of 1888.


Located in the Northeast corner of Shikoku, Kagawa is bordered on the west by Ehime Prefecture, on the south by Tokushima Prefecture, the Sanuki Mountains also along the south, and across the Seto Inland Sea, faces Okayama Prefecture. Currently, Kagawa Prefecture is the smallest of Japan’s prefectures, and is relatively narrow, sandwiched in between Shikoku and the sea.


Cities located in Kagawa Prefecture include the following:

Districts and Towns

Districts and towns located in Kagawa Prefecture include the following:


Various attractions located within Kagawa Prefecture include the Kotohira Shrine, Shodo Island, Marugame Castle, Takamatsu Castle, Ritsurin Park, Megijima, and Goshikidai.

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