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Hiroshima Prefecture (広島県) is a Japanese prefecture located in the Chugoku area of Honshu. The capital of Hiroshima Prefecture is Hiroshima.



The region of Hiroshima was at one point the provinces of Bingo and Aki before the advent of the Meiji Restoration. During the shogunate periods and even before, Hiroshima was a focal point of Japanese culture and commerce and was the seat of the Mori clan until the Battle of Sekigahara.


The Hiroshima Prefecture currently sits in the middle of Chugoku and faces across the Seto Inland Sea to Shikoku. The majority of the region is mountainous and borders Shimane Prefecture. Along the coast line, rivers from the mountains create multiple plains and a number of small islands in the Inland Sea are part of the prefecture.


The cities of Hiroshima Prefecture include:

Districts and Towns

In addition to its main cities, Hiroshima Prefecture is home to the following districts and towns:

Sources of Income

The core of Hiroshima’s industry lies in automobile and ship building. Mazda is headquartered in Hiroshima and the naval base of Kure was a major base before and during World War II. Today it remains an important commercial shipyard.


Within Hiroshima Prefecture there are multiple cultural sites that draw large numbers of visitors each year. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial commemorates the end of World War II and the ensuing call for peace. Hiroshima Castle is a relic of Tokugawa era Japan, while temples and shrines such as Mitaki Temple, Itsukushima Shrine, Senko Temple, Jodo Temple, and Saikoku Temple draw large numbers of annual visitors. Other attractions include Mount Misen, Momiji-dani Park, Shukukei Garden, Onomichi Castle, and Miyajima Aquarium.

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