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N.Hoolywood (ミスター ハリウッド) is a Japanese fashion brand created by designer Daisuke Obana. The brand is known for creating quality high end menswear with edgy modern and retro-inspired design.


N.Hoolywood Brand Name

N.Hoolywood's name might seem a little silly to some native English speakers, but the fashion label is no joke. The name is a combination of an abbreviation for the word "North" and a play on words with "Hollywood" and "hooligan".

N.Hoolywood History

Mister Hollywood himself, Daisuke Obana, was born in Kanagawa prefecture on January 28th, 1974. After dropping out of vocational school, Obana started out by gaining experience as both a buyer of used clothes and the manager of a used clothing store. He earned his nickname "Mister Hollywood" when he took a trip to Hollywood just to buy used clothes. This love of used fashions got Obana interested in creating his own designs.

Obana's N.Hoolywood label made its debut in Tokyo in 2002. Ever since then, it has been rising toward becoming a world-renowned fashion brand. Obana's designs are based off of particular themes. His debut theme was "Reclamation", based on the theme of used clothing. It featured clothes that were oversized or baggy. Subsequent themes have included the 1960s, Apollo 11, activists, and Alaskan culture.

The brand's concept is to take old things, add to them, and create something truly different. This is apparent in Obana's use of themes that mostly stem from the past. Still, Obana manges to create smart, stylish designs that are worn by a number of famous Japanese men. The brand and its parent company, also called Mister Hollywood, are gaining international attention as well as domestic interest. Its most recent collection, based on the Apollo 11 mission and those who believe it never actually happened, was a big hit at Japan Fashion Week in September of 2007.

N.Hoolywood Shops

The brand's main store, Mister Hollywood (which is also Obana's nickname), is located in Tokyo just off Omotesando Dori, behind Omotesando Hills. It's one of the "must see" shops for those interested in cool Japanese fashion. N.Hoolywood clothing is also available at select boutiques in Japan and internationally as well as various online shops specializing in hip Japanese fashion (including Zozo and various Rakuten shops.)

Mister Hollywood Shop

  • 4-13-16 Jingumae
  • Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Japan
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-5414-5071
  • Hours: 12:00-20:00
  • 東京都 渋谷区神宮前4-13-16.

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