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Daisuke Obana is the lead designer and founder of N. Hoolywood, a Japanese fashion label. He is well known for his combination of different modern edginess and carefully selected retro styles in his clothing lines.



Daisuke Obana was born in Kanagawa Prefecture on January 28th, 1974 and attended vocational school until dropping out to pursue his passions. He worked as a buyer of used clothing for a local used clothing store and later earned his nickname, “Mister Hollywood” when he took a trip to Hollywood to purchase used clothing for his store. He has always been interested in various different styles and soon started looking to the retro, used clothing as inspiration for his own designs.

N. Hoolywood

Daisuke Obana’s clothing line was officially started in 2001 and made its debut in Tokyo in 2002 with N. Hoolywood. Since then it has become a top Japanese brand around the world, making headway in many different ways. Obana regularly associates themes with his clothing, using the used clothing of his early days for his debut collection and going on to have themes as diverse as Apollo 11 and Alaskan culture behind his works.

In general, Obana strives to take old things and add to them, adding new styles to the old to create something uniquely his own. The end result is a unique, well structure modern design that appeals to men in Japan and abroad alike.

Where to Buy

N. Hoolywood clothing can be purchased from a number of Tokyo area boutiques and department stores or from the flagship store located in Harajuku:

  • Mister Hollywood
  • 4-13-16 Jingumae
  • Shibuya, Tokyo
  • (03) 5414-5071

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