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Kinki Kids are a JPop band originally form the Kinki area of Japan.

In 1997, Kinki Kids debuted with a song known as Garasu no Shounen, or Glass Boy. Unlike many Japanese pop groups, their song hit the chart at number one and remained there for a number of weeks. The group became extremely popular amongs kids in Japan, but especially girls. The group is made up of two singers: Kōichi Dōmoto and Tsuyoshi Dōmoto.

Kōichi Dōmoto was born in 1979 in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. He became a performing artist at a young age and joined the well-known production group, Johnny & Associates, after his sister sent his profile to them. He began singing with boy band groups, like SMAP, Shonentai, and Tokio. In 1993 he joined with Tsuyoshi Dōmoto and they formed a group called Kanzai Boya. It was not until 1997, though, that they changed the name to KinKi Kids.

Tsuyoshi Dōmoto was born in 1979 in Nara, Japan. He became a performing artist at a young age, but did not find fame until he joined with Kōichi Dōmoto. On the side he has worked with the well-known EDWIN jeans company. He has also done some solo work using the name ENDLICHERI*ENDLICHERI.

Together the duo have managed to create a phenomenon, and were even listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most consecutive singles to debut at number one on the Japanese music chart, also known as ORICON. The two have appeared in both sitcoms and dramas, and have a variety show called Domoto Kyoudai, or The Domoto brothers.



A Album

  • Released July of 1997

B Album

  • Released August of 1998

C Album

  • Released August of 1999

KinKi Single Selection

  • Released May of 2000

D Album

  • Released December of 2000

E Album

  • Released July of 2001

F Album

  • Released December of 2002

G Album

  • Released October of 2003

Kinki Single Selection 2

  • Released December of 2004

H Album

  • Released November of 2005

I Album

  • Released December of 2006


  • Released July of 2007


  • Released November of 2007

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