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SMAP is a Japanese group that debuted in 1991. The group was formed by Johnny & Associates and began with six members, though there are only five members now. Interestingly enough, the group was formed in 1988, but their first single was released in 1991. SMAP stands for Sports and Music Assemble People. The band began with Shingo Katori, Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Takuya Kimura, Masahiro Nakai, and Katsuyuki Mori. Mori left the group in 1996 in order to start racing cars.

The group began when Johnny & Associates decided to start a group of all boys. The boys they chose to use for the new group, which they called the Skate Boys, were all dancers for another popular idol group: Hiraku Genji. They changed the name to SMAP, however, before they released their first album. It took awhile before they gained any popularity, and it wasn’t until 1993 that they found a large fan base. In 1993 they began singing songs that were used in animes. Later in 1993, Takuya Kimura was in a television drama known as Asunaro Hakusho where he became extremely popular. This, of course, also helped to further the career of the group. In 1996 the group began their only variety show. Called SMAP X SMAP, the show featured the performers in comedy sketches, singing, dancing, and playing games.


  • Masahiro Nakai – Nakai is considered to be the leader of the group and has hosted a number of different television programs. He also starred in Suna no Utsuwa with Watanabe Ken.
  • Takuya Kimura – Kimura has also appeared in a number of television shows and has received many awards for his acting.
  • Goro Inagaki – Inagaki is one of the most heard vocalists in the group and has also been seen acting on Japanese television.
  • Tsuyoshi Kusanagi – Kusanagi has appeared in a few shows outside of SMAP.
  • Shingo Katori – Katori is the youngest and tallest of the group. He has done a number of voices for anime shows.


  • SMAP 001
  • SMAP 002
  • SMAP 003
  • SMAP 004
  • SMAP 005 – Gyoukai Jigoku Ichido wa Oide
  • SMAP 006
  • SMAP 007
  • SMAP 008
  • SMAP 009
  • SMAP 011
  • SMAP 012
  • SMAP Le fiesta
  • SMAP 013
  • SMAP 014
  • SMAP Vest
  • qamS
  • SMAP 015 Drink! Smap!
  • SMAP 016 MIJ
  • SMAP 017 Sample Bang
  • SMAP 018 Pop Up! SMAP

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