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Teriyaki Boyz is made up from hip-hop artists from some of the biggest J-Urban groups around. The group is headed by Nigo, founder of A Bathing Ape, under Def Jam Recordings Japan and (B)ape Sounds. The four MCs of the group are Ilmari and Ryo-Z of Rip Slyme, VERBAL of m-flo, and WISE.

Teriyaki Boyz first appeared in early 2004, on a compilation album by Nigo called (B)APE SOUNDS. In 2005, the group released BEEF or CHICKEN, fronted with the promotional single HeartBreaker. BEEF or CHICKEN featured work from some of the most known hip-hop producers in the industry, and a sample of a song by Daft Punk.

Despite the appearance of being a one off side project, Teriyaki Boyz have continued to release media. In March 2006, a live DVD entitled The Official Delivery Icchou was released.

They are internationally recognized for their contribution to the movie Tokyo Drift soundtrack, Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious).


  • Ilmari and Ryo-Z of Rip Slyme
  • VERBAL of m-flo
  • WISE.



  • EAT INtro (produced by Ad Rock)
  • THE TAKEOVER (produced by Mark Ronson)
  • HeartBreaker (produced by Daft Punk)
  • Celebrity Death Match (produced by Automator)
  • School of Rock (produced by Cut Chemist)
  • L A R G E [Cho L A R G E] (featuring Pharrell) (produced by The Neptunes)
  • Shout Out for DELIVERY (produced by Ad Rock)
  • moon the world (produced by Cornelius)
  • Konya wa Baggy Pants (produced by Just Blaze)
  • Beef or Chicken (produced by Ad Rock)
  • You Know What Time Is It!? (produced by DJ Premier)
  • KAMIKAZE 108 (Toridoshi Mix) (produced by DJ Shadow)
  • TAKE OUTro (produced by Ad Rock)
  • KAMIKAZE 108 (Swisha House Remix)


  • HeartBreaker (2006)
  • I still love H.E.R. (featuring Kanye West) (2007)


  • The Official Delivery Iccho (2006)

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