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Rip Slyme is a hip hop group containing four MCs; Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes and Su, and one DJ, Fumiya. The group was formed in 1994 by Ryo Z and Ilmari, later joined by Pes. The RIP in Rip Slyme stands for their initials and Slyme was a popular children's toy at that time. Their name is also a pun on the phrase "lips rhyme."

After winning an amateur rapping contest, Rip Slyme issued their first album Lips Rhyme in 1995. In 1997, DJ Fumiya, formerly known for DJing for SPEED and DA PUMP, joined the group. He was followed in 1998 by Su, who was friends with Fumiya's older brother. Su was previously a backup dancer for East End. The same year, they released Talkin' Cheap and took part in Dragon Ash's Total Communication. In 2000, the groups signed with Warner Music Group.

Fumiya composes most of the music, while Ryo-Z, Pes, Ilmari, and Su write their own lyrics. Befre Fumiya became a member, Pes composed most of the songs. Pes occasionally plays guitar on some tracks. In 2002 they received MTV Video Music Awards Japan for Best Newcomer and Best Hip-hop Group. From late 2005, DJ Fumiya went on an extended break due to illness. A friend of the band, DJ Soma, acted as his stand in.

Ryo-Z and Fumiya teamed together to create O.T.F. (Oshare Track Factory) in 2003. Pes has been working with clothing label Optimystik since 2005. Ilmari, along with members of Dragon Ash formed a short lived unit Steady&Co. in 2001 and collaborated with singer Salyu to release a single Valon in 2004. Ilmari was chosen as one of the several Japanese celebrities to be the face of the GAP's tenth Anniversary campaign in 2005. Ilmari and Ryo-Z were chosen to join Teriyaki Boyz in 2005.



In 2002, Su married an OL (Office Lady) on a cruise ship. Fumiya married an anonymous lady and registered their marriage in December 2004.

Their song Super Shooter was used as the opening for the popular anime Gantz.


  • Ryo-Z: Ryouji Narita
  • Ilmari: Keisuke Ogihara
  • Pes: Masatsugu Chiba
  • Su: Kazuto Ootsuki
  • Fumiya: Fumiya Takeuchi



  • Hakujitsu/Mahiru ni Mita Yume (1996)
  • (TONES/Kaze ni Fukarete (1998)
  • UNDERLINE No.5 (2000)
  • Mata Au Hi Made (2001)
  • Zatsunen Entertainment (2001)
  • ONE (2001)
  • FUNKASTIC (2002)
  • Rakuen Baby (2002)
  • BLUE BE-BOP (2002)
  • JOINT (2003)
  • Dandelion (2004)
  • GALAXY (2004)
  • Tasogare Surround (2004)
  • Hot Chocolate (2006)
  • Hey, Brother (2006)
  • Blow (2006)


  • Lip's Rhyme (1995)
  • talkin' cheap (1998)
  • FIVE (2001)
  • TOKYO CLASSIC (2002)
  • O.T.F. LIVE AT BUDOKAN (2002)
  • TIME TO GO (2003)
  • MASTERPIECE (2004)
  • EPOCH (2006)


  • shortcuts! (2003)
  • ROUGH-CUT FIVE (2005)
  • Cut it now! (2007)

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