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Tarrot(タロット)is a Japanese Visual Kei band who wear gothic and lolita fashion with make-up. The music character that has the flexibility not caught in the genre is made the best use of, and variegated music is performed.

The band was formed in August 2006 as a project band in Tokyo. After the band played at several concerts in 2006, they started to play at concerts energetically in 2007. Mostly shows were held at Holiday Shinjuku. The band started "New" - Tarrot in July 2007. On January 7, 2008 in Takada no baba AREA, to celebrate the release of their first maxi-single "' 色彩 (Shikisai) MONOCHROME "', Tarrot sponsored a event called Visual Butoukai Vol.1. The band spent doing live performances throughout Tokyo and also the provinces other than Tokyo such as Nagoya and Sendai in 2008.

The band is going to play at Under Code Production event in Meguro Roku mei kan with other bands such as E'm~grief~, Clear Veil, SOMATIC GUARDIAN and other on March 21, 2009.


Tarrot Members

  • Vocal: Saki (咲)
  • Guitar: Toki (朱麒)
  • Bass: Sid (志奴)
  • Drums: Jin (迅)

Tarrot Discography


  • 色彩 (Shikisai) MONOCHROME (1.23.2008)
  • ~新未来ゲート (Shin Mirai Gate) (5.28.2008)

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