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Nagoya is a city in Japan located in the Aichi Prefecture. Today, Nagoya serves as the capital city of the prefecture and is reported to be the fourth largest city in Japan. The population as of 2006 was 2.2 million+ people.

Nagoya is filled with many tremendous industries basically covering everything from common goods manufacturing to electronics retail. The greatest industry of Nagoya is automotive development. Many large automotive companies, such as Toyota, are located near and in Nagoya.

2005 was a grand year of Nagoya representing the beginning of their tremendously appreciated airport. This airport will be used for the area for both resident travel and distribution. This marks a great step in becoming better acquainted with the world.

History of Nagoya

  • 1612 The Nagoya Castle is constructed. Two Golden Orcas were placed on the roof deeming the Nagoya Castle an incredible symbol of the Japanese history.
  • October 1889 Nagoya is officially thought to be a city in Japan.
  • 1945 World War II fires destroy much of Nagoya including the original Nagoya Castle. While the city was repaired quickly the Nagoya Castle was not rebuilt until 1959.

September 1956: The city of Nagoya established a government making it a mapped and planned city in Japan.

Points of Interest

  • Nagoya Castle The site of the Nagoya Castle is said to be spectacular with flowers, gardens, exotic trees, and beautifully designed landscapes bringing the peace of the land into play. The entire exhibit has been turned into a small village giving a piece of the culture, history, and experiences in the times of the city being ruled as a castle town.

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