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Tamagawajosui Canal Green Road runs from Mitaka City to Fussa City, both located in Tokyo, Japan. The name of the area has been deemed appropriate due to its long length and narrow width, making it more like a road than a park. However, this area appears much like the trail of a park with a river running on one side of the road and a tremendous amount of greenery on the other.



The primary purpose of Tamagawajosui Canal Green Road was to provide access to the water located near by. In early 1653 the road was created by a pair of brothers named Shoemon and Seiemon Tamagawa. At this time the brothers chose to name the river running along side the road Tamagawa River.

Not long after the green road was created to access the river there was a company created by the brothers called Tamagawa Service Water. This still remains on the land and is used by parts of the city.

Things to See

  • Greenery Perhaps the strongest feature of the green road would be the lush greenery surrounding it. Visitors have often stated that this area is one of the greenest in all of Tokyo.
  • Tamagawa River The River actually runs about 24km along the 43km green road. The sides of the river are said to be open making it easily accessible and naturally peaceful.


Tamagawajosui Canal Green Road is accessible traveling the JR Chuo Line to Mitaka Station; the Seibu Kokubunji Line to Takanodai Station; the Seibu Haijima Line and Tama Monorail Line to Tamagawajyosui Station; or the JR Ome Line and Seibu Haijima Line to Haijima Station. The green road is only a short walk from all of the above lines.

Contact by Phone

Koganei Park Service Center (042-385-5611)

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