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Fussa (福生市) is a city located in Tokyo, Japan. Reports in 2006 show the city has seen substantial growth in the last 3 years with a population of well over 100,000 people.

Fussa City has been recognized for its vast amount of greenery and the area is now home to over 74 parks. Each park presents visitors with a look at nature exclusive to the area. Taking the cities green sites seriously, Fussa residents work hard to maintain the environment and preserve the natural scenery of the land. The parks are also the site of hundreds of activities held to encourage a strong bond in the local community.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also encouraged by the city's people with many local sports centers offering a variety of activities. More than 3 gymnasiums, 2 tennis courts, several swimming pools, and a large athletic facility provide both residents and tourists an environment to work out and mingle. Fussa encourages both Japanese and non-Jaapense residents to use the facilities to help secure the bond between all residents.

History of Fussa

Fussa is known for being the cite of one of the biggest and most important US and Japanese military bases in all of Japan. The Yokota Air Base went into full action in 1945 after the end of World War II.

The official city of Fussa was established in 1970. Since that time, the city has moved forward and tried to maintain its own identity while remaining part of the greater Tokyo area.

Fussa Events

  • Fussa Star Festival - Fussa is the home of the Fussa Star Festival held in August each year. The festival was created to celebrate the long-lasting peace of the country of Japan. Hundreds of booths, activities, and festival shows are put in place for visitors from around the world to enjoy.
  • Fussa Cherry Blossom Festival - The festival is held in March and April to recognize the beginning signs of spring. Cherry Blossoms are a highly appreciated flower in Japan symbolizing many great triumphs throughout the countries history. The festival includes many activities, special gardening events, and talented performers.

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