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Mitaka is a city of Tokyo, Japan located near the center of the prefecture. Population reports released in 2003 stated a mild population of approximately 175,995 people. This makes the city of Mitaka slightly confined as the city is an estimated 16.50km area.

The residents of Mitaka stay active and remain healthy by joining some of the many recreational sport facilities in the city. Swimming, tennis, baseball, soccer, and traditional gym are only a few of the special features offered by these facilities. Due to the cities dedication to remaining fit it has become a great place for athletes to train therefore contributing to the wins of numerous Olympic Champions.

History of Mitaka

Mitaka began its long journey as a city back in the 1500’s. It was in its earliest days that it received its name, Mitaka.

In World War II many lives, over 100, were taken in the city of Mitaka. While it was not an official target of US air raids it did become badly burned due to fires which were present all around Japan.

Following the war, the city of Mitaka finally established itself as an official city of Tokyo, Japan in 1950. At this time an official government was put into place and the city began flourishing greatly.

Points of Interest

  • Mitaka Peace Film Festival This festival is held every year to honor those that lost their lives in the fires of WWII. The festival includes music, performances, special crafts, and memorial speeches for the residents to gain an understanding of the wars impact. It is this festival that helps the residents of the city remain on the right rack to a more peaceful Japan and world.
  • Mitaka City Arts Center The Mitaka City Arts Center is absolutely exquisite as it has been designed to present Japanese arts to the most elite visitors. Special performances by world renowned performers bring in large crowds every weekend. Several special events have been known to bring in hundreds-of-thousands of tourists.

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