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The three member band SunSet Swish is also known as SSS and was formed when Ishida, Saeki and Tomida met at high school in 2004. SunSet Swish first performed on Valentine’s Day 2004 in Osaka and subsequent gigs in the Kansai area began to gain the band recognition.

In 2005, SunSet Swish caught the eye of a music producer and went to Tokyo, signing to Sony's SME Records label. They performed live in places like Shibuya and Kichijoji, their first live performance taking place in April 2005 in the shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo known as Harajuku. The band set out on a nationwide tour in 2005. SunSet Swish’s music hit TV after they did the theme song for Kyoku gari kaku no kanojo, a Fuji Television Network drama.

Their first album, Anata no Machi de Aimasho, was released in November 2006.



  • Vocals: Daisuke Saeki
  • Keyboards: Junzo Ishida
  • Guitar: Yuki Tomida


Ashita and Waraeru Yo Ni was used as the (please edit!)



  • Ashita and Waraeru Yo Ni, theme song of Kansai and Fuji TV's drama series Magarikado no Kanojo (2005)
  • Kaze no Runner, theme of TV Tokyo's Beet the Vandel Buster (2006)
  • Ame no Chihare (2006)
  • My Pace, theme of TV Tokyo's anime series BLEACH (2006)
  • Suna no Obuje (2006)
  • My Pace (original karaoke) (2006)
  • If Natsu ga Kureba (2006)
  • Mikazuki no Fune (2006)
  • Time Capsule (2006)
  • If Natsu ga Kureba (original karaoke) (2006)
  • Because Kimi ga Iru Kara (2006)
  • Ai ni Iku Yo (2006)
  • Because Kimi ga Iru Kara (original karaoke) (2006)
  • Mosaic Kakera, theme song of Code Geass (2007)
  • Kagayaki (2007)
  • My Pace, Premium Live Version (2006)
  • Mosaic Kakera (Original Karaoke) (2007)


  • Anata no Machi de Aimasho (2006)

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