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Sparta Locals formed in Fukuoka in 1998 and play a mixture of rock and punk. In their first two years, the band only did private and self promoted gigs. They made flyers and sold their own demo tapes.

The band’s music has similarities with late 70s and early 80s acts like the Gang of Four, and Sparta Locals have also done covers of The Police. They are most influenced by bands such as the Clash, Gang of Four and Television.

In 2002, they recorded their first album Kanashii Mininari. They then followed this with a nationwide tour, and in July performed at the Rookie A Go Go stage at the Fuji Rock Festival. Two months later they earned a spot at Fukuoka's Music City Tenjin festival with Number Girl, and in December, the opening spot for Quruli. After being offered a record deal by Universal Japan Records, the band moved to Tokyo in 2003.

Founder member Nakayama announced that he was leaving the band in September 2006 and quitting music altogether owing to being unable to enjoy playing any longer.


  • Vocals/Guitar: Abe Kousei
  • Guitar: Itou Shinichi
  • Bass: Abe Mitsuhiro
  • Drums: Nakayama Akihito (until September 2006)
  • Drums: Isama Fujita
  • Sax: Hiroshi Nakamura



  • Sample and A (1999)
  • Revenge (2000)
  • Golden Age (2000)
  • Pink Song (2001)
  • Grungy Sister (2001)
  • Pogo (2003)
  • Tokyo Ballerina (2004)
  • FLy (2003)
  • Peace (2003)
  • Yume Station (2007)


  • The Sad Ear You Sound (2002)
  • Second Fanfare (2003)
  • Sun Sun Sun (2003)
  • Fine Time 2 ~A Tribute to New Wave (2003)
  • Dreamer (2003)
  • Maboroshi Forever (with DVD)
  • Sparta Locals (2006)
  • Suparutarokaruzu (2006)
  • Vision Forever (2007)

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