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Quruli (sometimes Kururi) formed in 1996 after Shigeru Kishida and Masashi Sato met one another at Ritsumeikan University's music club in Kyoto. The band plays in a variety of different styles with music varying from ballads, to psychedelic, to punk rock. The band’s name was taken from an information sign on the Kyoto subway. Their first recordings were made in a home studio in 1997 and released on the Bad News imprint under the title Moshi Moshi in 1998. The same year, the band also released their mini album Fandelia. The band moved to Victor Speedstar in late 1998 and released the maxi single Tokyo, followed in February 1999 by another maxi Niji. Two months later, they released their first full length album, Sayonara Stranger. Later that year, Quruli performed at the Fuji Rock Festival, and followed that with a string of events nationwide. They continued to release albums, and their popularity increased. Tasshin Ohmura was added to the band’s lineup in 2001. Ohmura had been asked to join Quruli on two separate occasions but refused the first time. In 2003, the original drummer, Mori, left and was replaced by Christopher McGuire and the band founded Noise McCartney Records. The same year, HMV Records Japan rated Quruli number 74 in their Top 100 Japanese pop Artists listing. Antenna came out in the following March, and Quruli participated in Austin's high profile South by Southwest. After the tour for the album was completed, Christopher McGuire left the group. Percussionist Dai Taroo, who had supported Quruli in 2002 and on their first American tour, took over as a support musician. Quruli has gained an international profile by frequently playing with foreign artists. The band also provided the scores for the independent films Realism No Yado and Jose to Tora Sakanatachi. In February 2007, Ohmura announced that he was leaving the band.



  • Vocals/Guitar: Shigeru Kishida
  • Guitar: Tasshin Ohmura
  • Bass: Masashi Satoh


Shigeru Kishida is famous for singing his own song, Harukaze at his own wedding. Kishida's image was for several years built around his wearing glasses but recently he stopped appearing in them saying they were broken. This outraged many longtime fans. Masashi Sato is president of Quruli's label, Noise McCartney Records. Shigeru Kishida is an avid trainspotter.



  • Tokyo
  • Aoi Sora
  • Machi
  • Harukaze
  • Wandervogel
  • Bara no Hana
  • River
  • World's End Supernova
  • Otokonoko to Onnanoko


  • Zukan
  • The World is Mine
  • Team Rock
  • Fandelia
  • Sayonara Stranger

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