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Sengenyama Park is located in Fuchu City of Tokyo, Japan. While there are many great features in the park it is mainly used for bird-watching and has become a great tourist destination of those interested. Several bird-watching organizations also hold their monthly meetings in Sengenyama Park.



The area now known as Sengenyama Park was once a large part of the Tama plateau which was washed out by several rivers including the Tama River. After this, the part of the park land was used as the Tama Cemetery.

Recently the park was developed more for recreational purposes and picnic tables, camping grounds, and special equipment was placed for everyone to enjoy.

Things to See

  • Bird Sanctuary The most popular part of Sengenyama Park is the bird sanctuary prized by many bird lovers around Japan. This has become the primary purpose of the park. In fact, tourists often come to the city of Fuchu in order to take a look at the many rare birds seen in Sengenyama Park.
  • Picnic Area of Sengenyama Park There is a large area for picnicking located near the center of the park. Nicely laid out walking trails leading to the picnic area create a nice walk through park before relaxing over lunch.


Sengenyama Park is accessible using the JR Chuo Line traveling to Musashi-koganei Station. You may also take the Seibu Tamagawa Line traveling to Tama Station where you board the Keio Bus ending at Sengen-yama koen Bus Stop located 1 minute from the park.


Musashino Park Service Center (042-361-6861)

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