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Tama is a municipal of Tokyo, Japan currently serving as the Tokyo metropolis’s largest residential district. The most recent population report released stated an approximate count of 145,722 people living in the estimated 21km area.

A strong and solid education is prized in Tama, Japan as it is home to one of the most sought after universities in the area, Tama University. Claiming to be unique, the school works to focus on the students as it participates in hands on training rather than lectures. This has been the contributing factor to a higher rate of passing and excellent scores with students from around the world.

The great location of Tama City has made for incredible movie sets as many Japanese films are setup and produced on the cities land. Some of the most popular movies to be filmed include “The Cat Returns” and “Studio Ghibli”. In addition to these films, animated features, including “Whisper of the Heart” and “Pom Poko”, were created in a large studio of Tama City. The artistic value of residents has contributed to the cities success in the entertainment fields.

History of Tama

Modern day Tama City wasn’t officially established until late 1966. At this time the city underwent major developmental changes as they rezoned and reorganized the cities facilities, residential territories, and industries. Finally, in 1971, Tama City was ready to move forward as businesses and residential properties began to surface.

Points of Interest

  • Sanrio Puroland Sanrio Puroland is a large amusement park located in Tama City. The park includes many wonderful features enjoyable by all, both children and adults. A character themed boat ride, many live show theatres, and other child sized park rides make for an entire day, or more, of tremendously exciting entertainment. The overall theme of the park is “Hello Kitty”.
  • Tama Zoological Park The large Tama Zoological Park is home to hundreds of animals, native plants, and special exhibits encouraging children to learn more about their world in a friendly and entertaining way. Aside from the big animal exhibits there are also grand events held in the many Japanese style gardens located within the gates of the park.

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