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Fuchu (府中) is a city located in Tokyo, Japan. Most famous for its history of being the primary location of great Japanese governments; the name Fuchu actually has the meaning "Capital Within". This has fueled the success of the economy as well as the cities growth -- now populated with well over 250,000 residents.

Agriculture was the leading industry of Fuchu until fires during WWII destroyed a tremendous amount of land and crops. At this time the city was desperate for a new industry, leading the city to develop more commercial and service related businesses. The new industry took off leading the city into financial stability.

The largest prison in Japan is located in the city of Fuchu. This prison houses convicted criminals from all over the country as well as some transfers from surrounding countries. Noted for its strong security, high regard to public safety, and overall ability to control the environment; the Fuchu Prison is considered one of the best in Japan.

The city of Fuchu is unique when it comes to education with various colleges and universities catering to both agriculture based curriculum and technology related specialties. This has made the city a destination for many individuals seeking a higher education and brighter future.

History of Fuchu

In 1602 the city of Fuchu was first documented as a thriving town in the area. Many government ruling organizations were stationed in the city.

The city of Fuchu was officially established in 1954. At this time the city was quite young with only about 50,000 people, most of which were there to play a role in governing the area.

Between the years of 1956 and 1961 the city saw great developments in highways and transportation. This encouraged growth and improved the area's economy greatly.

Points of Interest

  • Tokyo Racecourse - The Tokyo Racecourse is situated in the outer limits of the city serving as one of the most popular horse racing facilities in the entire region. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the races. The race track is also noted for attracting top Japanese celebrities.
  • Fuchu Air Self Defense Force - After WWII the Fuchu air base was developed into a thriving military division shared with the US. This base is one of the most important in the Tokyo area, housing both Japanese military equipment and personnel.

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