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Scarf (スカーフ) is a three piece indie Japanese pop/rock band from Tokyo. The band has been compared to other pop/emo JRock bands like Art School, Grapevine, and Comeback My Daughters. The members of the band list influences from various bands from Mr. Children to Radiohead to Bob Dylan. The band is not currently signed to a record label.

Scarf Members

  • Kiku Syuichi - Vocals, Guitar
  • Makoto Zaha - Bass
  • Tommy Fumiyo - Drums

Scarf Discography

  • Smile EP - Songs: smile, 嘘, アーチ, Full Course
  • Sunday single (2006) - Songs: Sunday, 赤い花
  • Simple single (2007) - Songs: Simple, 眠れる森のシアター

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