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Formed in 2000, Art School is a unique band now gaining popularity in Japan. Their first album, SONIC DEAD KIDS was released in the same year and soon afterwards they began touring nationally. Their beautiful, pure pop sound made them appealing to a wide audience.

In March of 2004, the band was reborn with the addition of two new members, Masafumi Todaka (guitar) and Takeshi Uno (bass). Over 10,000 people attended their first free live in Tokyo's Shibuya district. In August of 2004 they released their album entitled Scarlet. In 2005 they made their comeback with the release of Ato juubyou de, and at last in October they teamed up with engineer Tony Doogan to record their third album in Glasgow. Paradise Lost was released to great critical acclaim. Their following maxi single, Freesia, is also regarded as one of the band's best works and the 2006 tour that was named after the single was a huge success. Their latest album, Missing was released in September of 2006.


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