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Psycho le Cému (サイコルシェイム) is a Japanese Visual Kei band. The band was formed in Himeji, Hyougo prefecture in May 1999 by DAISHI on vocals, Lida on guitar, AYA on dance and guitar, seek on bass and YURA sama on dance, vocals and drums. The band started playing in around Himeji and Osaka. It didn't take so long that the band creates a sensation to the visual kei scene through their cosplay with its members dressing in many-colored, flamboyant costumes influence by anime and video game characters, also their overwhelming live performance which attracted the fan.

The band are signed to the Major record label, Nippon Crown in 2002 and they released their first major single Ai no Uta (愛の唄) which went into the top 10 of Oricon's single chart. They achieved their name recognition with actively exposed on TV programs after major debut. The band has a popularity among fans of visual Kei and anime or video game in overseas as well. They were elected to Most respect Japanese Best 100 of News Week Japan in 2004.

On June, 3, 2005, singer Daishi was arrested on suspicion of violation of the stimulant drugs control act by Kanagawa police. On September 12, he admitted to the facts presented in the indictment on the first day of his trial. The Band left the bureau and temporarily shelved band action .

In 2006, Psycho le Cému restarted the band, was going to release CD and fix concert schedule but they went on an indefinite hiatus after last show on May 7, 2006. The four members except Daishi started new band called SYNESTICS but it ended up only in a year.

In 2009, the band received 10 years from the formation. They announced via their official blog that their 10th anniversary concert which called Psycho le Cému 10th Anniversary Legend of sword will take place on June 6th and 7th at Yokohama Blitz, on June 12th at Zepp Tokyo.


Psycho le Cému Members

  • Vocal: DAISH (ダイシ)
  • Guitar: Lida (リダ)
  • Guitar/Dance: AYA (アヤ)
  • Bass: seek (シーク)
  • Dance/Vocal/Drums: YURA sama (ユラサマ)

Psycho le Cému Discography



  • -Kronos- (21.04.2000)
  • 理想郷旅行ガイド (Risoukyo Ryokou Guide Disk) (22.11.2000)
  • a trip to the Arcadia (08.01.2001)
  • REMEMBRANCE (08.07.2001)


  • 愛の唄 (Ai no Uta) (02.10.2002)
  • 激愛メリーゴーランド/春夏秋冬 (Geki Ai merry-go-round/Shun Ka Shuu Tou) (16.01.2003)
  • 浪漫飛行 (Roman Hikou) (23.04.2003)
  • ミラクル・ハイテンション! (Miracle High Tension!) (26.05.2003)
  • 思い出歩記 (Omoide Aruki) (18.02.2004)
  • 道の空 (Michi no Sora) (09.06.2004)
  • 夢風車 (Yume Kaza Guruma) (06.10.2004)
  • LOVE IS DEAD (27.04.2005)



  • Doppelganger ~もう一人の自分 (Mou Hitori no Jibun)~ (26.05.2001)
  • Prism (01.04.2002)


  • FRONTIERS (27.08.2003)
  • Beautiful World ~この瞳に映らない現実 (Kono Hitomi ni Utsuranai Genjitsu) ~ (10.11.2004)
  • ~エピローグ~ 語り継がれる物語 (~Epilogue~ Kataritsugareru Monogatari) (30.04.2006) Only mail order
  • GOD JAPANESE MONSTER (08.01.2007-04.02.2007) Only mail order


  • 「〜最終話〜また逢えるその日まで・・・」「〜エピローグ〜語り継がれる物語」(~Saishuuwa~ Mata Aeru Sonohimade.../~Epilogue~ Kataritsugareru Monogatari) 2 Live DVD 150 min. (11.10.2006)

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