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Mix Speaker's, Inc. (ミックススピーカーズインク) is a Japanese visual kei band. The band was formed in 2007 by ex-members of the visual kei bands Psycho le Cemu, Egurigori and Isabelle. The band rose to fame in the VK scene quickly based on the previous bands of the members and also because of the extensive use of extreme costumes in their stage show.


Mix Speaker's, Inc Members

  • Yuki (Vocals) - previously in Egurigori
  • Aya (Guitars) - previously in Psycho le Cemu
  • Miki (Vocals) - previously in Isabelle
  • keiji (Guitars) - previously in Isabelle
  • seek (Bass) - previously in Psycho le Cemu
  • S (Drums) - previously in Isabelle

Mix Speaker's, Inc Discography

Mix Speaker's, Inc Albums

  • MONSTERS ~ポケットの中には Junk Story~ (2008)
  • Friday Night "Monstime" (2007)

Mix Speaker's, Inc Singles

  • "MONSTART" Family (2007)
  • Mix Speaker's, Box (2007)
  • Mix Speaker's, Box (2006)

Mix Speaker's, Inc DVDs

13's Club DVD (2007)

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