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Matenrou Opera (摩天楼オペラ) is a five member Japanese Visual Kei band from Saitama. The band was formed in early 2007 by Sono on vocals and Yu on drums after the breakup their previous band Jeniva. The band name is the combination of Skyscraper (Matenrou) and Opera, that represents symphonic sounds to incorporate metal, mixture and emo.

The band debuted concert at an event at Urawa Narcissi (浦和ナルシス)on May 4th 2007 and released the first single "alkaloid showcase" on the same day. The guitarist Mika and the keyboardist Karen left the band after the show at Ikebukuro Cyber (池袋サイバー). Anzi on guitars and Ayame on keyboards joined the band as new members. Matenrou Opera was signed to the independent record label Sherow Artist Society which formed by Kamijo of Versailles in January 2008.

The band performed the first tour of Europe as opening act for Versailles in the spring of 2008.


Matenrou Opera Members

  • Vocal: Sono (苑)
  • Guitar: Anzi (アンジ)
  • Keyboard: Ayame (彩雨)
  • Bass: Yo (燿)
  • Drums: Yu (悠)

Matenrou Opera Discography


  • alkaloid showcase (5.4.2007)
  • 瑠璃色で描く虹 (Ruriiro de kaku Niji) (3.5.2008)
  • GILIA (5.14.2008)

w/ DVD "alkaloid showcase" PV

  • Spectacular (9.24.2008)

Mini Albums

  • GILIA (10.8.2008)

Omnibus Albums

  • CROSS GATE 2008〜chaotic sorrow〜 (3.26.2008)

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