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Saitama is a city in Japan located in the Saitama Prefecture. With a reported population of approximately 1,182,115 people, Saitama serves as the capital city of the Saitama Prefecture.

The close location to Tokyo allows for many Saitama residents to commute to their workplace. This makes the city ideal to many since you can relax in a calm low stress environment but still enjoy the luxuries and pay of a large city. According to polls about 62% of all Saitama residents travel to Tokyo everyday.

While there are many successful industries in Saitama including farming, fishing, and commercial business; the heading economy booster is transportation and cargo distribution. An excellent system for distribution has placed the city at the top of Japan’s best distribution programs.


History of Saitama

Saitama was officially deemed a city of Japan on May 1st of 2001. While documentation of the city does exist it has been done in Japanese making the information difficult to collect.

Points of Interest

  • Hikawa Shrine The Hikawa Shrine is a popular attraction for both Japanese residents and tourists. Today, the Shrine stands as the oldest one in all of Japan surviving the many natural and manmade disasters for hundreds of years. Adding to the beauty of the special spot is many museums, a gorgeous park, and old villages.
  • John Lennon Museum Almost everyone visiting the city is intrigued by the idea of checking out the John Lennon Museum put into place by his beloved widow. Special pieces that were important to the man himself have been gathered by his wife and are presented in an interesting and entertaining manner.

Interesting Facts

The widow of John Lennon, cherished member of the popular band ‘The Beatles’, was born and raised in Saitama, Japan. In fact, Yuko Ono would frequently travel back to the city bringing John Lennon along.

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