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'Kosuke Tsumura is a Japanese fashion designer and artist from Saitama, Japan. Starting in 1982 with his first win of the So-en Prize, Tsumura has been a regular name in circles discussing and related to artwork in Japan. His work can be found on display throughout many of the country’s contemporary art studios and galleries.


Kosuke Tsumura was born in Saitama in 1959 and won his first award in 1982. He joined the Miyake Design Studio in 1983 and in 1994, after a decade of working with the top designer in Japan, received the 12th New Designer Award. He presented his own collection in the Paris Collection in that same year for the first time and has gone on to present twice annually since. Starting in 1986 with his first solo exhibition, Tsumura has presented his work eight separate times and won numerous awards including 2nd Prize during the 21st Contemporary Art Exhibit of Japan in 1992.


The variety of works presented by Tsumura ranges from his most creative fashion designs to his award winning contemporary art pieces.

Kajin – A sculpture piece that won 2nd Prize for the 21st Contemporary Art Exhibit of Japan.

Final Home – Tsumura’s representative fashion work finds is foundation in Final Home, a full body suit with multiple pockets that began with a 1993 art project covering the entire body of its wearer. Inspired by the homeless, the project represented a complete vision of future outdoor urban life. While many individuals have commented that the Final Home design is a political comment on the treatment and ignoring of the homeless, Tsumura’s main purpose was to create a functional piece of clothing – however, he does not reject the possibility of political commentary. The current line of clothing, known as Mother, contains multiple jackets and suits with hoods, bellies, and dozens of pockets to create the concept of a home as well as clothing.

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