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Final Home is the fashion and design offshoot of designer, Kosuke Tsumura’s longstanding artistic endeavors. Featuring a unique take on the use of functionality and basic starting points in fashion, his work has been seen as a futuristic vision of style and function.



Kosuke Tsumura was born in 1959 in Saitama, Japan and was working in the fashion industry by the 1980s, having won the So-en Prize in 1982. He started working with Miyake Design Studios in 1983 and had a hand in many of Issey Misake’s large scale collections. He received the 12th New Designer Award of Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix in 1994, as well as the Shiseido Encouragement Award and during that same year presented his collection for the first time at Paris Collection.

Every year in the Spring and Fall, Kosuke Tsumara presents his collection in the Paris Collection. Since starting his own line, Tsumara has continued to work as an artist, holding multiple exhibitions. He won the second prize at the 21st Contemporary Art Exhibit at the [[Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum[[ in 1992, and has presented workes that are now held in museums in Miyagi Prefecture, Sezon, and Tochigi Prefecture Museums.

The Final Home Project

Final Home was a project started by Kosuke Tsumara in 1992 with the first Nylon jacket. The jacket’s puprose, according to Tsumara was to be a “basic ZERO piece from which you can start. With many pockets, easch FINAL HOME becomes as individual and unique as its owner.”

The product in question is a suit of nylon, including a jacket and pants material that contains dozens of pockets. Witht the first model, produced in 1992, Tsumara experimented with the idea and presented it to a fashion show in Yellow.

In 1993, he continued to work on the design and presented the 3rd model which was featured in GQ Japan as he demonstrated its functional aspects. In 1994, Tsumara enjoyed his first overseas exhibition in Paris and displayed Final Home for the international community. Later, in September of 1994, Issey Miyake began selling and distributing the original model of Final Home even as Tsumara continued to display his creation at multiple expos, fashion shows, and art exhibits across Japan. It’s practical uses became more apparent in 1996, when the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia were given the Final Home product in the Waste Control Exhibition in 1995.

Final Home Today

Final Home eventually evolved into more than just nylon jackets, producing mutliple forms of outdoor wear, sofa covers, and even candles, expressing the wide variety of interests of its primary designer. The core concept behind all designs though continue to be survival, protection, functionality and recycleability. Even humorous projects, such as the M-16 Cushion showcase the mission of FINAL HOME and its designer to produce a product that represents the origins and core essence of design and function.

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