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Hiroshima (広島) is a city in Japan found in the Hiroshima Prefecture. According to the 2005 census there are 1,154,391 people calling it their home with this number said to have grown since.

The leading industries of Hiroshima include agriculture, forestry and fishery with much of the cities revenue being generated by these. There are also many new established companies in mining and construction as the city continues to expand.

As with many Japanese cities Hiroshima represents a great tourist attraction with nearly 10 million visitors in the year 2004 alone. Again, these numbers are reported to have risen with the recent reports showing much more.


Hiroshima was established in 1559 by Mori Motonari. It was created as the capitol of all his cities and thought to be the best of the best in traditional Japan.

The history surrounding Hiroshima is incredible with immensely devastating attacks being brought upon the city and its residents. In 1945, the first atomic bomb to ever be used in war took over the land of Hiroshima creating havoc. Instantly killing more than 80,000 residents and completely leveling over half of all buildings, this attack changed the future of the city forcing many to run away for fear of further attacks. While these numbers are shocking an estimated 60,000 more deaths occurred due to sickness from radiation and infections to trauma injuries.

After the brutal attack Hiroshima took immediate action swearing to end nuclear war forever. Rebuilding the city and speaking out against the damaging consequences of nuclear weapons has kept the city official busy since.

Points of Interest

  • Hiroshima Castle The Hiroshima Castle was rebuilt after the bombing and has been maintained excellently since. A symbol of the struggles and triumphs the new castle represents something much greater than the original ever could. Peace on the land has become a great challenge for those passionate about the city and the castle is key to their vision of this.
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park The Memorial Park has captured the hearts of millions with many saying they can feel the spirits of those lost during the devastating attack that shook the land to its core. A sad but joyous place, the statues found here can leave one breathless as each symbolizes a story of pain stricken Hiroshima as they pick up the pieces to gain courage to move forward and create a safer place.

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