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Higashiyamato Minami Park is located in Higashiyamato City of Tokyo, Japan. The park is used as primarily a recreational sports center for the Tama district. The manmade greenery is considered relaxing but still allows the park area to maintain the excitement of playing sports.



The Higashiyamato Minami Park was created and opened to the public in 1986 to serve the need for more recreational sports areas in the city. While this is the parks primary purpose today, it was once part of a US military base in the city.

Things to See

  • Swimming Pool and Playground For both young and young at heart, the park is equipped with a large pool and tremendously unique playground. This has served the visitors well as children typically enjoy the playgrounds while adults play their favorites sports. The close distance to the playground makes for easy access to watching them.
  • Higashiyamato Minami Park Gymnasium The Park Gymnasium is open to every one of all ages. A special building designed to represent authentic Japanese style; the entire areas look is based off of the idea behind capturing Japanese culture through this building.
  • Higashiyamato Museum of History Located right off the park grounds, the museum is open to all visitors looking for a piece of Japanese history. The museum has special exhibits dedicated to remembering the war in 1945 which took the lives of many and left Japan in shambles.


There are several Tokyo rail lines used to get to the Higashiyamato Minami Park including the including the Seibu Haijima Line and Tama Monorail Line, and the JR Chuo Line. Once in Tamagawa-jyosui Station there is a 5-10 minute walk to the park.

Contact by Phone

Higashiyamato Minami Park Service Center (042-562-1498)

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