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Higashiyamato (東大和市) is a city of Tokyo, Japan located in the northern part of the Tokyo area. An approximate 80,000 people currently reside in the city with an estimated 5% being foreign residents. The total area for the city is reported to be 13.54km squared.

Since its establishment, Higashiyamato City has functioned mainly as a residential area of Tokyo. An ideal location for some residents, approximately half an hour from Tokyo University, has put the city on the map as one of the most popluar places for students to take residency in.

Aside from the residential zones, the city also has a great amount of land used for agriculture purposes, the main industry of the area. Gardens, trees, livestock, and crops all do their part in creating jobs and tax income for the city. Since the city relies so heavily on this industry it is important that the special plans for a clean environment be adhered to at all times.

The camp training facility is one of the most unique features to the city of Higashiyamato. The concept behind the building is creating a safe place where children younger than 18 can come together and train to be sports stars. Sports are the most popular camps offered although there are also camps for children seeking guidance in performing arts of many sorts.

History of Higashiyamato

In November of 1919, the city of Higashiyamato begins to take shape as it is first founded as Yamato Village.

In May of 1954, the Yamato Village was reorganized and renamed Yamato Town. At this time the town began growing quickly as it gained stability in its industry of agriculture and financial facilities.

Finally in 1970, Yamato Town became a city and was transformed into Higashi-Yamato. A mayor was put into place creating a plan for the development of the cities economy.

Points of Interest

  • Odori Festival - The Odori Festival is a famous event held in Higashiyamato City every year. Music, dance, performances, and creative crafts are all put into place for the event which draws in visitors from all over the world. The festival has been held in the city for years but first originated in another city of Tokyo after WWII.
  • Higashiyamato City Museum - The city museum houses many historical artifacts being stored in a uniquely designed building found inside the city. Admission is free; however donations are kindly accepted as the officials are eager to explore more of the historical events that are thought to have taken place inside the city.

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