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Asian Kung-Fu Generation is a Japanese pop-rock band. The group was formed in 1996 by members Masafumi, Kensuke, and Takahiro with their drummer Ijichi joining them later. The band didn't achieve popularity or a recording contract until 2001. Since then, their music has been steadily growing in popularity. Their singles Siren and Loop and Loop remained on the Oricon pop charts for two months over the summer in 2004. By 2005, their concerts were selling out and their albums were flying off the shelves. Their international fan base was also growing and thanks to an online petition their album Sol-fa will be released in the United States under Tofu Records. Their continuing to gain popularity well on into 2006 with their single, World Apart, three new albums, and a single released late in November, Aru Machi no Gunjou.


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