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Alice Nine is a five member Japanese Visual Kei band who are signed to the independent record label, PS Company. Their music varies between soft alternative rock and harder rock.

The line up consists of Shou on vocals, Tora and Hiroto on guitar, Saga on bass and Nao on drums. The band was formed by drummer Nao in 2004. Their first concert held a month later at Ikebukuro Cyber in May 2004. Shou and Tora used to belong to a band called Givuss, Hiroto was in BAQUEPIA, Saga in Visage and Nao in Fatima, before they joined together to form alice nine...

After a few concerts, they started small touring with other bands such as Ayabie, Karen, Kagrra, Kra, and BIS. They completed their first solo tour in August 2005.

Their first maxi single Namae wa madanai, was limited to 1000 copies and sold out during its pre-order period. A second press of Namae wa madanai was limited to 3000 copies and also sold out.

Joining the label PS Company, alice nine. went on a second with the group Karen. In 2005, they continued to play live, released three more singles and played as Kagrra's opening band. That was followed by a tour with Ayabie.

In 2006, alice nine. released their first live DVD, ALICE IN WONDER FILM and then three new singles, one of which was featured in an animated series and their first full length album, Zekkeishoku. In October of that year, they released an internet only single, Blue Planet, which required a Japanese credit card to access.

Further releases came in 2007, including a DVD, new single, and photobook.


Band Members

Alice Nine Discography


  • Namae wa, Imada Nai (2004)
  • Gin no Tsuki Kuroi Hoshi (2005)
  • Yamini Chiru Sakura (2005)
  • Yuri wa Aokusaite (2005)
  • Kuuron -NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW- (2006)
  • Akatsuki / Ikuoku no Chandelier (2006)
  • FANTASY (2006)
  • Zekkeishoku (2006)
  • Blue Planet (Internet only single) (2006)
  • JEWELS (2007)
  • WHITE PRAYER (2007)


  • Zekkeishoku (2006)

Mini Albums

  • Gion Shousha no Kane ga Naru (2004)
  • Kasou Yume Zoushi (2005)
  • Zekkei Iro (2006)

Videos and DVDs

  • Peace & Smile Carnival tour 2005 (2005)
  • NUMBER SIX. (2006)

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