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Ayabie is a visual kei indie band who dress in traditional Japanese garb with psychedelic colours and patterns. Their music is addictive as it blends an almost playful combination of electronic sounds and often gives the impression of being a zany combination of hard and soft sounds precisely the basic requirements for any great Visual Kei music. Together with Aoi´s soft yet strong voice, this music gets to young people and this is reflected in the sales of the group's CDs. Ayabie offers a very different kind of music which is gaining appeal to a wider audience, performed by a group with passion in their music and in their performance.

Ayabie was formed in spring 2004 by ex-Hinawana members Ryouhei, Takehito and Intetsu. Joining them later was ex-MASK and Cynical Biscuit vocalist Aoi. The newest addition to the band is drummer Kenzo.

Their debut album Ayabie Sokuka Ongenshuu, released in 2005, was an immediate hit. In summer 2006, Ayabie announced that guitarist Ryouhei was to leave the band. Ryouhei stated that he would continue his musical career, and soon afterwards started a new band called Megamasso. Ayabie found a temporary support guitarist, Yumehito (ex-Soroban) who has since become a permanent member.


Current Members

  • Vocalist: Aoi
  • Guitar: Takehito
  • Bass: Intetsu
  • Drums: Kenzo (from 2005)
  • Guitar: Yumehito

Former Member

  • Guitar: Ryouhei



  • Kimi no koe to yakusoku (2006)
  • Kimi no koe to yakusoku – (2006)
  • Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town – A-type (2006)
  • Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town – B-type (2006)
  • Kisumiisunou (2005)
  • Panto Shiita (2005)
  • The ~~BEAT~~ of HEARTS (2005 )
  • M (emu) (2005)
  • Lovers name (2004 )
  • Romancer/hentai saishuu page/Digital LOLita DEMONstration (2004 )
  • Gothic party (2004 )
  • Chousui Sou Yori, San Rin (2004 )
  • Romancer (2004 )
  • Heien No Ato,Ame (2004 )


  • Tetsu No Shima (2005)
  • EquAL pRayer 2 (2005)
  • Ekyumenikaru (2007)


  • Ayabie sokukan ongenshuu) (2005)
  • Virgin Snow Color (2006)
  • Videoas and DVDs
  • Daikai/Misery in the dusk (2004)

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