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Akiruno-city (あきる野市) is a city located on the west side of Tokyo prefecture in the country of Japan. In 1995, Akikawa-city and Itsukaichi-city merged and became Akiruno-city. There is a mountain area on the west side of the city, which is a part of Kanto-Mountainous district. On the east side, are the Akiruno Plateau and Soka Hill which is the left shore of the Aki River terrace. East cities of Akiruno are Fussa-city and Hamura-city. North cities are Aume-city and Hinode-city. West cities are Okutama-city and Hinoe-village. The south city is Hachioji-city.


In 1889, there were Higashi-Akiruno village, Nishi-Akiruno village, Masudo village, Meiji village, Mitsusato village and Komiya village in Nishi-Tama county, Kanagawa Prefecture. In 1995, they were merged and became Akiruno-city.


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