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Hamura (羽村市) is a city of Tokyo, Japan. A report released in 2003 stated there were approximately 57,000 people residing in Hamura. This number, as with most cities in Japan, has said to have gone up substantially in the last decade due to economic growth. While this is considered to be a mildly populated city, the 9km area city is believed to be quite crowded and the city anticipates expansion into surrounding areas soon.

The small area of the city has reduced its ability to participate in multiple industries and Hamura now serves as a mainly agriculture and factory driven city. These industries have dominated the market since the earliest days of the city's founding.

The most noteworthy company currently working out of the city Hamura is Hino Motors, a globally recognized automobile company. At this time Hino Motors has a part manufacturing factory and automobile testing track located in the outer parts of the city.

History of Hamura

The history of Hamura can be traced as far back as 1653 when an artificial river was constructed to bring water into the area. Creating a connection to the Tama River allowed the city better drinking water and a more prosperous agricultural development.

In 1889, the city of Hamura merged with several surrounding villages creating a much larger area. At this time the city was located in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

In 1893, the entire area, including Hamura city, was reorganized into the Tokyo Prefecture. This increased city revenue and value leading to a period of fast growth.

In 1991, Hamura established a firm government, deeming it an official city of the Tokyo Metropolis. Since this time the city has flourished with slow growth, a strengthened government, and strong economy.

Points of Interest

  • Hamura Natsu Matsuri Festival - The festival is held every year during the summer months. Prior to organizing the popular event a certain theme is arranged which each participant must acknowledge and represent.

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