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Acidman is often defined as a punk or post-alternative band, although they constantly experiment with new types of music. Its members are Oki Nobuo, Sato Masatoshi, and Urayama Ichigo.

One of the characteristics of Acidman is the art that is accompanies their music. Their covers are often designed by Ooki Nobuo. Many of their singles contain bonus videos on the CD or a bonus DVD and a DVD is released with music videos with every album release.

Acidman was formed in 1997 of its present members plus vocalist Shiibashi Takeshi when the four were attending at a military academy in Saitama. The band continued when the members attended university together in Shimokitazawa and released two demos in 1998. Shiibashi Takeshi left in 1999 and guitarist Ooki took over. The band continued playing live, while Ooki took his exams to obtain a pharmacist's licence.

In 2000, Acidman's debut single Sekitou was released on independent Nomadic Records and reached number three on the indie charts in 2001. This was followed by the mini album Sankazora in 2002. Acidman toured with other bands such as Husking Bee and Bloodthirsty Butchers and were soon signed to Toshiba-EMI. The album Sou was a success and went to number nine, winning the Japan Gold Disk award in 2003 for New Artist of the Year.

The band delayed their next album due to them debating adding a new member to the group. Instead, they added a new supporting member for their next album Loop. After the finale of the Loop tour in 2003, Acidman returned to the studios. Suisha was released in 2004. Ooki, who normally wrote the main melody lines, battled writer's block and left songwriting duties to Satou and Urayama. However, Ooki felt inspired by recent world events and themed the upcoming album on his personal philosophy of universal equality.

In 2005, Acidman went in a softer direction with and world. After a break, Acidman released two singles towards the end of 2006.



Vocals/Guitar : Ooki Nobuo Bass: Satou Masatoshi Drums: Urayama Ichigo



  • Sekitou (2000)
  • Sanka Sora (2002)
  • Zouka ga Warau (2002)
  • Allegro (2002)
  • Sekitou (2002)
  • Slow View (2003)
  • Repeat (2003)
  • Suisya (2004)
  • equal e.p. (2004)
  • aru shoumei (2005)
  • Kisetsu no Tou (2005)
  • world symphony (2005)
  • Slow Rain (2006)
  • Prism no Yoru (2006)

Mini Albums

Sanka Zora (2002)


  • Sou (2002)
  • Loop (2003)
  • equal (2004)
  • and world (2005)
  • green chord (2007)


  • Scene of Sou (2003)
  • Scene of Loop (2003)
  • Scene of equal (2004)
  • Scene of "And World" (2006)
  • And World Tour Final (2006)

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