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Zazen Boys’ name is from the form of Zen Buddhist meditation in which enlightenment can come out at any moment. They are an experimental rock band created in Fukuoka in 2003 by ex Number Girl guitarist and vocalist Mukai Shutoku. The band features Mukai's trademark singing, shrieking and rapping with unique rhythm sections. After the breakup of Number Girl, Mukai Shutoku began touring as Mukai Shutoku Acoustic and Electric. At the end of 2002, he opened Matsuri Studio to give him a permanent place in which to test out his ideas.

In 2003, Shutoku began playing again with ex Number Girl drummer Ahito Inazawa and had the idea of a new band centered around himself and Inazawa playing with guest talent. They were joined by bassist Hinata Hidekazu and guitarist Yoshikane Sou to form Zazen Boys. A series of recordings followed quickly. Zazen Boys soon achieved success and released Zazen Boys, followed by a tour.

Inazawa left to form his own band, Vola and the Oriental Machine in early 2005, and was replaced by Matsushita Atsushi.

In 2006, Zazen Boys III was released, featuring more improvisational and experimental elements than their previous albums, and met with mixed reactions. Throughout 2006, Zazen Boys played a massive number of live shows and released the online live album, Zazen Boys Live at Okinawa 2006.

In 2007, Hidekazu left to join the new band Entity of Rude and was replaced by Ichiro Yoshida.

Zazen Boys have contributed songs to several movie soundtracks including Mayonaka no Yaji-San Kita-San.


  • Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer: Mukai Shutoku
  • Bass: Ichiro Yoshida (2007-present)
  • Bass: Hinata Hidekazu (until 2006)
  • Guitar: Sou Yoshikane
  • Drums: Atsushi Matsushita (2005-present)
  • Drums: Ahito Inazawa (until 2005)


Singles and EPs

  • Hantoumei Shoujo Kankei (2004)
  • Himitsu Girl's Top Secret (2005)


  • It's Only Rock and Roll (But We Like It): A Tribute to the Rolling Stones (2003)
  • Zazen Boys (2004)
  • Zazen Boys II (2004)
  • Matsuri Session 2 26 2004 Tokyo (2004)
  • Original Sountrack Mayonaka Yaji-San Kita-San (2005)
  • Original Soundtrack Canary (2005)
  • Zazen Boys Live at Osaka (2005, online-only)
  • Live at Shibuya iTunes Store (2005)
  • Matsuri Session 12 27 2005 Tokyo (2005)
  • Matsuri Session Live at Yaon (2005)
  • Zazen Boys III (2006)
  • Live at the Matsuri Studio (2006, limited edition instrumental album)
  • Zazen Boys Live at Okinawa (2006, online-only)

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