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UVERworld is made up of five members that come from Shiga, Kansai. Takuya (vocals and programming), Katsuya (guitar), Akira (guitar), Nobuto (bass), Shintarou (drums). UVER is a combination of 'über' and 'over', and UVERworld means 'crossing over their world'. The band combines a mixture of pop, rock and rap in their music.

The band members have known each other since childhood: Takuya and Nobuto have known each other since the age of three, Katsuya, Takuya and Akira were in the same childcare centre and Takuya and Akira were neighbours. They originally came together in the band Sangoku Road in 2002, with the additional members, Seika (saxophonist), and Hiko (vocals). According to an interview, there was another vocalist who left but he hasn't been identified.

In 2003, they took the name UVERworld and vocalist Ace Trigger renamed himself TAKUYA. Their self released demo album sold a total of three thousand copies.

They signed to gr8! Records (Sony Music Records) in 2005 and released their first single D-tecnoLife, followed by CHANCE!

UVERworld's first album Timeless was released in 2006 and Seika made a brief return, playing saxophone for [[Yasashisa no Shizuku. After a three month break, the band released Colors of the Heart as the third opening theme for "BLOOD+", an anime series based on the movie, Blood: The Last Vampire.

The band’s subsequent singles were also used as TV themes.

UVERworld has a mascot of a fictional bear like creature that has a pair of black bat wings attached to its back. The band has a large teenage girl fanbase and suffered its first scandal in December 2006 when Takuya was arrested for speeding in a bus lane and flipping the traffic officer’s hat off. He was held in custody for two days and made a public apology on the band’s website.


  • Vocals/Programming: Shimzu Takuya
  • Guitar: Akira
  • Guitar: Katsuya
  • Bass: Nobuto
  • Drums: Shintarou



  • Prime 03 (2004)
  • Timeless (2006)
  • Bugright (2007)


  • D-tecnolife (2005)
  • CHANCE! (2005)
  • Just Melody (2006)
  • Colors of the Heart (2006)
  • Shamrock (2006)
  • Kimi no suki na uta (2006)


  • Live at Shibuya-Ax (2006)


  • JPOP CD 2 (2005)
  • Dandori Dance Drill (2006)
  • Death Note Tribute (2006)
  • Blood+ (2006)
  • BLEACH (2006)

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